Ward Capital Management

WARD Capital Management, LLC
Creates Unique Opportunities to Make Smart Investments in Breathtaking Locations.

What We Do

WARD Capital Management, LLC is a Real Estate Investment and Development firm focused on Multifamily Residential, Retail, and Hotel Assets.

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How We Do It

WARD Capital Management, LLC understands that in order to maximize and deliver consistent returns for its investors WARD must be myopic in identifying opportunities. WARD acts as a conduit for selected investment opportunities through our proprietary qualitative and quantitative analytical investment review process. Once the potential investments thesis is approved, WARD works to diligently execute the Asset Strategy, assuring that WARD Minimizes Risk and Maximizes Returns for its investors.

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Who We Are

The WARD Team, our greatest asset, is comprised of entrepreneurial leaders in real estate acquisitions, architecture and planning, banking, investment risk management, property management, and marketing.

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